Don't Get Left Without Power

Don't Get Left Without Power

Find a reliable generator installation in Pelzer, SC and now serving Anderson & all of upstate South Carolina

Storms and fallen power lines can spell disaster for your electrical system. Keep the lights on in Pelzer, Anderson, South Carolina and surrounding areas by getting a generator installation done by Keen Electric LLC. We use only materials of the highest quality, including Cummings home generators, which come with automatic transfer switches so you won't have to worry about fumbling around in the dark to turn on your generator. Choose from a whole-house or partial generator installation.

Call 864-419-0989 now to get your free consultation and estimate on a generator installation.

Feel safer with a new generator installed and ready

All of our generator installations are performed by master electricians with a focus on safety. We will:

  • Mount the generator on a crack-resistant concrete pad
  • Bolt the generator to the pad to make sure it's secure
  • Include whole-house surge protectors

We've partnered with Piedmont Natural Gas for our gas hookups, and we'll service our home generators for up to five years or 2,000 hours of run-time. Keep your home's electrical supply up and running by scheduling a generator installation from Keen Electric LLC in Pelzer and Anderson, South Carolina.